The Manifestation of Modern Communism

The House of Terror in Budapest 16 June 2023. Admin staff upstairs, dungeons and gallows below.

The Manifestation of Modern Communism: Wokism as Political Ideology

Western liberal democracy and the liberal arts and Judeo-Christian tradition are currently under attack from anti-Western sentiment; not from outside, but from inside the West. Modern identity politics and Woke ideology is replicating he mechanisms of Communism to enforce compliance with a raft of Woke tropes that support identity politics. Rather than enabling people to live as they wish as long as they do not hurt themselves or others, Woke ideology attempts to enforce people to respect other's ideas, ideologies, and identities, rather than their right to choose. This presentation considers Wokism as a political ideology and outlines how the Woke agenda represents the manifestation of Modern Communism.