Albanese government our biggest national security threat

Sejil missile at an undisclosed location in Iran on November 12, 2008

The bold display of Iranian military drones over the holy city of Jerusalem symbolises the weakness of the Albanese government. Following Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s weak stance on terrorism, she is complicit in the diplomatic climate that emboldened a direct attack on Israel where any counterattack is unlikely to include support from Israel’s allies.

Following one of Australia’s most prosperous periods in history, the Albanese government has managed to increase the cost of living and reduce our sense of security in less than one political term. Further, our government has divided us along cultural lines and perpetuated a self-hating attitude towards all things that are good about our liberal democratic and Judaeo-Christian traditions and heritage.

Today's Morning Double Shot newsletter read as follows:

Australia is a leaner, not a lifter, in the Middle East’, writes Michael de Percy. He argues powerfully that when it comes to ensuring Australia’s national security, Anthony Albanese’s government is its (and our) own worst enemy, for starters running every which way on Israel’s fight for existence like headless chickens in the chook yard. He’s right.

My latest in The Spectator AustraliaThe Albanese government is our biggest national security threat.