Decolonising ends up where, exactly?

Brittania Rules the Waves. Nicholas Habbe, 1876 [CC0]

Before the Christmas holidays, one of my mates jokingly said something about ‘soon you’ll be writing about the left’s war on Christmas’. I hadn’t thought about it until I noticed all of Australia’s universities, apart from two, had ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘wishing you a happy festive season’ as their Christmas messages on LinkedIn. A commenter suggested to one of our oldest universities, ‘it’s OK to say Merry Christmas, you know’. I’m all for celebrating and respecting the various religious holidays but why is it so difficult to say ‘Merry Christmas’? Christmas, it seems, like much of the great tapestry of Western civilisation, is routinely demonised. It stems from an emerging academic trend known as ‘decolonising’ and it represents a misguided attempt to undo history and the foundations of the Western tradition. But to what end, exactly?

Here is my latest article in The Spectator's Flat White, Decolonising ends up where, exactly?