A Grassroots Revival of Conservative Politics

Dr Michael de Percy presenting at the Public Policy Network 2020 Conference.

John Howard and Peter Costello are right to remind the federal government that we are 'robbing the future to pay for [the] present'. With Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ warning about Australia’s ageing population setting up the scene for an 'important announcement(which will probably mean the stage 3 tax cuts will be removed and taxes will be increased), the time is ripe for the Coalition to put forward what they do best – reforms. Coinciding the reforms required within the party (as set out in the recent review of the partywith a policy platform based on conservative values will provide a clear distinction between Labor and the government-in-waiting. But that alone will not be enough. What is needed is a grassroots revival of conservative politics in Australia.

Here is my latest article in The Spectator's Flat White, A Grassroots Revival of Conservative Politics: