No, Mr Bowen, community batteries are not a substitute for nuclear


Community batteries will be used to store excess solar energy [Photo: ©]

At a recent press conference in Bexley North in Sydney’s south, Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen announced the opening of the latest community battery. Labor has promised to roll out at least 400 community batteries in the coming years.

In a tweet announcing the opening of the battery (which includes an EV charger), Mr Bowen stated:

This is practical, cheaper renewable energy now not expensive nuclear energy in 20 years.

But what Mr Bowen didn’t say is that this battery will not keep the lights on if the power goes out. And not only that, if the power goes out the battery ceases to function until the power comes back on.

In the Unfiltered newsletter, Alexandra Marshall had this to say:

And finally, Michael de Percy tells Mr Bowen ‘no’. Community batteries are not the saviour of the renewable energy grid. Indeed, in most cases the batteries only work when the grid has power – so too bad if you thought they were a protection against blackouts. These wasteful, expensive installations are only adding to the bill – and what a nasty bill it is.

My latest in The Spectator AustraliaNo, Mr Bowen, community batteries are not a substitute for nuclear.