National security amid Albo’s hip and cool dereliction of duty

Anthony Albanese is trying to be hip and cool to the left but he is seen weak by everyone else.

Channelling a new generation of hip and cool appeasers, our Prime Minister seems to get his priorities dangerously wrong. From his failed Voice Referendum to his celebration of Assange’s return (after a plea bargain where Assange was convicted under the US Espionage Act), Albo loves nothing better than being in the spotlight for his trendy actions.

The Prime Minister who ‘gets things done’ wants to appear hip and cool. But nothing can be further from the truth.

Whether it is the economy, energy, social cohesion, handling of the current antisemitism crisis, or issues affecting the Indigenous population, Albo is hell-bent on being on the ‘right side of history’.

But one cannot control the past or the future and he is neglecting the present.

My latest with Professor Sascha Dov Bachmann in The Spectator Australia, National security amid Albo’s hip and cool dereliction of duty.