Albo unashamedly takes credit for union buster’s grand vision

Australian soldier acting as a wharf labourer during a wharfie strike, 9 April 1943 [CC0]

I never expected to see a Labor Prime Minister take credit for a union buster’s grand vision for a logistics hub at Moorebank, west of Sydney.

But that is exactly what happened last week.

Mr Albanese’s press release was headlined, Opening of the Moorebank Interstate Terminal fulfils long term vision.

Of course, he does not mention whose vision was being fulfilled.

In the Unfiltered newsletter, Alexandra Marshall had this to say about my article:
And leading Flat White, Michael de Percy brings us the latest chaos from the Albanese regime. He writes, ‘Albo is proving yet again that he is all about the announcement and the photo opportunity. Claiming credit for Chris Corrigan’s vision is a contradiction on a scale that even Mao couldn’t have envisioned in his major work.’