Treasurer’s antifragile Budget just another black swan

Antifragile: Broken bones can sometimes heal stronger than before the break

The Treasurer is like a boss who enthusiastically makes everyone’s life a misery with every new fad.

We have superannuation funds where trillions of dollars of our retirement funds are tied up and likely to be used for renewable energy projects or social housing if Labor gets another crack at governing.

We have a housing market that is being swamped by government trying  to build social housing and failing to do so while messing up the market.

We have poles and wires ripping up prime agricultural land and destroying the retirement prospects of farmers and landholders to connect government-funded renewables projects. Nuclear is not even allowed to compete in the mix because it remains banned.

My latest in The Spectator AustraliaTreasurer’s antifragile Budget just another black swan.