Labor are the masters of their own demise

The 'catch-all' party of Keating has become the 'upset-all' party of Albanese

The Albanese government’s dictatorial policy of renewables at all costs was always going to bring about its demise. Following the defeat of the divisive Voice to Parliament Referendum, the Prime Minister has been labelled a ‘beta male’, defined as a ‘submissive, feeble-minded, and weak man’. With Labor’s planned republic referendum now hopefully shelved until their defeat at the next election, renewables policy is one area where we can expect rapid desperation from the Prime Minister to create some sort of legacy in the short time he has left. 

From The Spectator's "Unfiltered" newsletter:

The stand-out piece this morning goes to Michael de Percy, who writes that ‘Labor are the masters of their own demise’. ‘Labor’s energy policy has recast Labor from the ‘catch-all’ party of Keating to the ‘upset-all’ party of Albanese.’ He adds that instead of Albanese being a ‘conviction politician’ – as he has branded himself – we would be better calling him a ‘consensus politician’.

From my latest article in The Spectator Australia's Flat White, Labor are the masters of their own demise: