Modern Anchorites; or, How we displace reality because of the Fuckeaucracy

Contemporary Anchorites: When the insane becomes the popular stupid fuckeaucracy

What struck me about anchorites was their popularity. They were like the rock stars of the annoying Middle Ages where people were supposedly so stupid that they were complete idiots and believed anything.

And we tend to think of the Dark Ages as stupid - where stupid people continued to breed despite the odds of their perpetuating their stupidity. Not like now, when we are so advanced. Surely, we are so much more advanced than then?

It seems that we are now in the midst of a new period of stupidity. Everyone knows it, but we can't say a thing because the morons are in control again. If we state the obvious, we are obviously insane.

What am I talking about? The Age of Stupidity. It's like the Age of Enlightenment only dumber. It's like the Dark Ages except this time, we know that we are complete fucking morons.

And what's to blame? Bureaucracy. Although Weber and Durkheim may have pointed out the obvious in their time, it is now time that somebody who is not a bureaucrat came up with an alternative solution to what is obviously a crock.

So convince me that climate change is not real. That popular opinion is the predominant way of assessing policy. That people who spend their entire lives focused on crafting perfection in their field have nothing better to do than parade around being some elitist fuck because they are complete morons. That through their research they somehow arrived at something that suited their particular political agenda. Please. 

Tell me that every academic who is jumping through the hoops created by non-PhD or, more appropriately, non research active public servants who pretend to be academics but have career agendas beyond academia - that these non-academic people stood up to bullshit because it advanced their careers - and tell me what the fuck do these same clowns know?

And then tell me that the majority of people who barely did well at science in high school have a legitimate voice in policy-making. Please. Prove me wrong. No, please do so because I am sitting here thinking: WTF?

Most contemporary political problems are a consequence of a lack of knowledge. Whether the lack of knowledge is a consequence of the progressive dumbing down of university education is by the by (it is only a mater of time before it is true) but it is clear that everyone now has the democratised answer to everything. Who needs experts when we can now simply have the answer because we are so entitled to be brilliant?

Which is my point. Once, we may have clung to the words of some random fuckwit who locked themselves away in an anchor-hold to tell us about the future. Now we cling ourselves to some random fuckwit who tells us what we want to hear. 

The difference is training. If you think that academics are trained so peculiarly in scientific method that you, somehow with your non-research active idea about scientific method, are somehow better than every other natural and social scientist who have to defend themselves against popular opinion generated by uneducated morons who somehow know better; then fill our boots. 

You obviously know. Please. Be in charge of the future. I want you to be responsible.