Nothing to see in Gunning. No inspiration here, just keep moving right along...

Nothing to see in Gunning, just keep moving along. Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.
As many Canberrans who happen to be ex-Queenslanders will know, you do not tell family members that Canberra is actually a great place to live. Whenever somebody says "Too bloody cold to live down there!" I always say "Too bloody right!" agreeably, knowing that my sanctuary is safe from intruders.
Hume and Hovell Obelisk, Fish River. Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.
But that was before I moved to Gunning. This is the second best thing I've ever done after fooling my wife into marrying me. And now it is Canberrans I am afraid of - it's sheep country, lots of flies, everything closed, nothing to see in Gunning.
What are you looking at? Photo by Michael de Percy, Cullerin NSW 11 March 2017
I've finally had time to play around with my camera. I am hoping to have time to pre-record some shows for The Rebel Chorus; Folk with a political edge on 2XX 98.3 FM, too. I haven't had a chance to do this since moving to Gunning. I also intend to produce a few podcasts and vlogs, and use these here on my blog. Today, I needed a dash of inspiration.
Councils insisting on COLORBOND® has nothing to do with aesthetics. Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.
So trusting that nobody reads the text other than the bits that appear in the Facebook feed, I thought I would add some of the best photographs from today's trip around the region with my father, and my trusty mini-fox terrier and best mate, Pablo.
Pablo near Mutmutbilly. Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.
So what's special about Gunning? Fish River, just east of Gunning, marks the spot where Hume and Hovell commenced their overland journey to Port Phillip.
St Brigid's Catholic Cemetery, Mutmutbilly. Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.
Today is a perfect day. It is warm and one needs a hat and sunscreen, but not so hot that you wish it would snow. It is as perfect as it gets. Such perfect weather heralds the lighting of wood fires and marvelling at chimney smoke rising in the cool, crisp morning air. Blissfully in the present.
Old Hume Highway near Breadalbane. Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.
I had been told that Breadalbane, formerly known as Mutmutbilly, was originally on the northern side of the Old Hume Highway. Today I found the Old South Road turnoff and drove the big loop through Mutmutbilly and Cullerin. Part of it is gravel road, but it is fairly hard at the moment. Don't take your Ferrari through there, but any conventional car should cope.
Ruins at Cullerin. Range. I believe this was originally the toll gate built circa 1863 to raise funds for the Goulburn-Yass road.. Photo by Michael de Percy.
The region is also known to be a trainspotter's paradise, and I can see why. A short trip along the Old Hume Highway between Gunning and Breadalbane has interesting bridges and viewing spots with easy access.
A Trainspotter's Paradise. Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.
While a bit dry at the moment, the countryside is still breathtaking, and there are interesting ruins and other features that proved a source of inspiration for me today.
St Brigid's Catholic Church, Mutmutbilly (built 1865). Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.
But take it from me. There's nothing to see in Gunning, so just keep moving right along.
Steam-era Water Tank at Fish River, circa 1875. Photo by Michael de Percy 11 March 2017.