NBN Co slashes rollout targets due to skills shortages

It's no surprise that NBN Co. has had to revise its roll-out forecast. Centrally-controlled approaches make it difficult to engage multiple businesses at multiple levels and no doubt much of this is a result of the inefficiencies created by one entity trying to deal with many businesses in many locations: it doesn't take much to imagine how difficult it is for one management group to deal with geographically-dispersed groups. As a consequence, NBN Co. has negotiated with other monoliths who experience the same management problems. I have regularly stated that the problem with any centrally-controlled approach is the inefficiency of its necessarily large bureaucracies - it simply takes too long to deliver practical solutions to numerous areas. Today's announcement by NBN Co. confirms this view, and was eluded to by NBN Co. chief Mike Quigley:
The problem is we are just not seeing the ramp up of construction workers on the ground that would be needed to deliver these targets.