The Squawk: Murray innovators release regional Web 2.0 community

"The Squawk" is a social and business network for regional communities which provides location-specific content. The site has been "kicked off" by Regional Development Australia, Murray.

I am a big fan of this type of local innovation. In my comparative research into Canada's broadband industry, Australia is lagging in terms of the extent and intensity of community-based communications innovations. But not in the Murray.

In fact, the Murray region has been home to numerous communications policy submissions and leaders in many communications initiatives. And not just focusing on the Murray region, but developing models which could be deployed elsewhere. Regional Development Australia, Murray has been working on community-based wireless infrastructure for some time and pushing on through the legacies associated with Australia's penchant for single national solutions to communications problems. The motto "Think globally, act locally" comes to mind.

Local and regional initiatives must be at the heart of Australia's push to fix our poor standing on broadband. It would appear that the Federal Government's shift in attitude toward funding local and regional initiatives has aided the Murray region to continue its tradition of innovation, but more needs to be done. But this latest initiative is a step in the right direction.
The Squawk is a place where you can connect and share information with others near you. Use The Squawk to build and maintain social and business networks and find support within your regional community
Check out the community and join at Let's hope there will be many more local initiatives like this one and governments continue to promote innovation where it counts.