No good news for broadband in Palmerston via Gungahlin

I had it all worked out. I would save a fortune every month by getting rid of my traditional telephone line and go onto a naked ADSL plan, a VoIP number for incoming calls and voila! My telephone bill is halved forever! No more would I be paying a stupid amount for a service I don't even use. YEAH RIGHT!

That is not how the system works, and I remain stuck in the telecommunications past. What's worse is that I do this in the national capital with the Black Mountain Tower in full view from just up the hill. Palmerston via Gungahlin.

I had to check with a few providers, and I was reluctant to take any random salesperson at their word before I turned off my landline forever. Fortunately, my plea for "someone who knows about the problems with the Crace exchange" didn't go unnoticed:
Unfortunately it doesn't look like there is much good news I can give you. The issues with the Gungahlin sub-exchange are something that I am well aware of.

First and foremost [naked ADSL2+], or any kind of naked, is not going to be available for you at that address. As the sub-exchange is basically a giant RIM it needs active phone lines to provide you with internet service. As much as we would love to be able to provide you with  a [naked, ADSL connection] it just isn't currently possible.
Well there we have it. No VoIP for me and I struggle to develop Web 2.0 teaching materials using a dial-up speed at the cost of 1.5mbps. Palmerston via Gungahlin. Imagine if I lived on Sudley Station via Weipa?

Original photo by Bidgee on, re-use via CC-By-Share Alike.