Staying up to date with broadband policy

I have been looking into open source applications which can provide a single page to preview the media releases from the major broadband policy actors. What I wanted was a start page where I could determine which links appear, and then share the page in a way that others could see the start page just as I did.

Applications such as Feedly tend to predetermine your preferences and are difficult to share. On the other hand,  Google Reader allows you to share feeds and updates in real time, but only as individual articles which are not 'sticky'. Fortunately, I have found a solution using an application called iFound.

iFound is useful as it enables me to add only the links I wish to monitor, and I can then share the link so others may do the same. It also provides a preview screen when you hover over each webpages' snapshot. The preview is large enough to identify any recent changes to the site.

I am hoping that my iFound page will enable me to keep up to date with the major policy actors in the broadband 'industry'. I am still updating it, and I intend to do the same for each country I compare. In the meantime, any comments or suggestions are most welcome.