The case for a government-owned nuclear reactor fleet

Australia has laready built two major nuclear reactors. The HIFAR Reactor at Lucas Heights.

Peter Dutton’s announcement that the Coalition will build seven nuclear reactors on the sites of existing coal-fired power stations is good policy and it will work. In response, the Albanese government has nothing but lame memes and a $1.3 trillion renewables policy that shows no signs of providing reliable, affordable electricity for industry or consumers.

Indeed, under Albo’s watch, Australia is in the worst shape it’s ever been, considering the cost-of-living crisis is an own-goal by Albo and Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen. Even the much-maligned RMIT ABC Fact Check is now saying that Bowen’s claims about nuclear plants are ‘exaggerated’.

Labor is scared because it knows its ideologically driven energy policy is a grifter’s paradise that has nothing to do with providing cheap and reliable energy.

But much of this has been said already and it is not the point of my argument.

Here I outline the merits of a government-owned and built fleet of nuclear reactors for Australia.

Alexandra Marshall had this to say in the Unfiltered newsletter:

Michael de Percy makes the case for Dutton’s government-owned nuclear reactor fleet. Yes, there are some things that government can, and should, involve themselves in. Securing a reliable energy grid is one of them.

My latest in The Spectator AustraliaThe case for a government-owned nuclear reactor fleet.