Vandalising the Vietnam war memorial an act of sacrilege

 9 RAR soldiers during their farewell parade from South Vietnam in November 1969 [Public Domain]

My letter to the editor was published in the Canberra Times today.

Today (Tuesday, March 12) I saw the photos of the vandalism of the Vietnam War Memorial in Canberra and I am livid.

How dare they. Get out of my country.

If it was not for those who served in the Australian military and the thousands of Americans who died defending Australia the freedoms the perpetrators abuse would not exist.

If they think Australia's responses to the Malayan Emergency, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War were wrong then go and live in North Korea and enjoy the paradise they must imagine exists there.

The police have to prosecute those responsible. They have crossed a line.

No leniency should be shown.

Michael de Percy, Gunning, NSW