Bowen’s homemade recipe for an energy debacle

Not even Chris Bowen can control the weather [Public Domain: Dust Storm, Texas, 1935]

Rewiring the Nation won’t happen by rewriting history. Markets work best through light regulation and promoting competition. Government has a role to ensure important social outcomes where profits are scarce. But Labor’s energy transition is all about government control. Whether we agree with a government-led renewables future or not, one thing is clear: skills are not keeping up with demand. Australia is going it alone without nuclear, and Energy Minister Chris Bowen’s homemade recipe for an energy debacle is in full swing.

From The Spectator's "Unfiltered" newsletter:

Michael de Percy also offered a savage look at the energy future of Bowen’s Utopia, including all these lofty promises of ‘job creation’ that never seem to manifest in reality.