Australia has created its own energy crisis powered by green-left ideology

We've created our own energy crisis through green-left ideology

Labor’s energy policy won’t reduce our energy bills by $275 in 2025. When questioned about this promise in 2021, Prime Minister Albanese replied, ‘I don’t think, I know. I know because we have done the modelling.’ The ABC’s ‘promise check’ tells us this election promise is ‘stalled’ while admitting that the energy price increases blamed on war in Ukraine evident by February 24, 2022 did not stop the Albanese government from repeating the promised $275 reduction until May 18, 2022. Renewables have been promoted as the panacea for reducing energy bills, but Australia is amid an energy crisis driven by the Albanese government’s ideological stance on renewables.

Here is my latest article in The Spectator Australia's Flat White, "Australia's ideologically-driven energy crisis".