Webinars and wonders: A running sheet of interesting events during s2, 2021

Photo by Pkdowling313 [CC BY SA 4.0] 


I am listing the webinars I have attended this semester so I can keep track of those I wish to return to or to write up later. I will improve this page over the rest of the semester and add links where available.

24th August 2021, 3pm: NATSEM online workshop on electric vehicle policy.

26th August 2021, 11am: ANU SPIR, Revisiting the Baconian Method, Professor John Ure.

31st August 2021, 5pm: ANZSOG@ANU Online Book Launch. Politics, Policy and Public Administration in Theory and in Practice: Essays in honour of Professor John Wanna.

31st August 2021, 5pm: Sydney Institute, Twenty Years after 9/11 – The Hon John Howard AC.

3rd September 2021, 10am: CEDA Roundtable: Rapid antigen testing for Covid-19

3rd September 2021, 3pm: CEDA  Duty of care: meeting the aged care workforce challenge

6th September 2021, 12pm: CEDA Building trust in technology

13th September 2021, 12pm: CEDA Pandemic to endemic - beyond the jab. Speakers: Laureate Professor Peter Doherty AC, Melinda Cilento, Chief Executive, CEDA, Professor Raina MacIntyre, Head, Biosecurity Research Program, Kirby Institute, UNSW.

13th September 2021, 5pm: Sydney Institute Christianity and Australian Jurists – Chris Merritt, Justice Geoff Lindsay, Professor Wayne Hudson & Anne Henderson.

20th-22nd September 2021: Australian Political Studies Conference, Macquarie University.

23rd September 2021, 3.10pm: University of Canberra Human Research Ethics Committee, Ethical by Design: The Principles of the National Statement, Ian Pieper, Anesh Nair, Matt Muskat.

23rd September 2021, 5pm: Lowy Institute Australia's submarines: The world reacts.

27th September 2021, 6pm: United States Study Centre NATO Expert Talk Series: NATO's arms-control agenda.

29th September 2021, 12.30pm: Centre for Independent Studies, On Liberty EP70 | Peter Jennings | Did Australia buy the right boat? AUKUS, AUSMIN, and the "forever" alliance.

29th September 2021, 5pm: Lowy Institute Aiding the Pacific’s economic recovery.

30th September 2021, 10am: Sydney Institute, China, the United States and All That – Thomas Friedman.

30th September 2021, 6pm: Centre for Independent Studies Is Populism A Threat To Liberal Democracy? Professor Joe Forgas

5th October 2021, 3.30pm: CEDA Improving Australia's digital competitiveness

6th October 2021, 11am: Sydney Institute India and Pakistan after the Return of the Taliban – Sadanand Dhume.

6th October 2021, 12pm: The Australian Plus event, What Really Happened in Wuhan. Sharri Markson.

7th October 2021, 11am: United States Study Centre, The future of US politics: A conversation with The Brookings Institution's Sarah Binder and Thomas Mann.

13th October 2021, 9am: Centre for Independent Studies, The New Cold War. Professor John Mearsheimer.

18th October 2021, 12pm: Lowy Institute, 2021 Lowy Institute Media Lecture. Yalda Hakim.

21st October 2021, recorded: Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Papua New Guinea and the Belt and Road Initiative: the road to ruins or riches, Sarah O'Dowd.

26th October 2021, 5pm: The Sydney Institute, Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe and the Hunter/Gatherer Controversy – Geoffrey Blainey & Warren Mundine.

11th November 2021, 6pm: Lowy Institute, 2021 Lowy Lecture — Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser.

11th-12th November 2021, 10am to 4pm: ACSPRI, Questionnaire Design Online. Dr Gordon Emmerson.