My seminar attendance has increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic

Reflecting on my seminar attendance last week gave my writing a much-needed boost

The Covid-19 pandemic has made a vast array of online conferences, seminars, and webinars available, most of these for free. The professionalism of the online seminars has been exceptional, and I have found much inspiration and a new-found passion for my work by engaging more than I have for some time.

Conference attendance is usually reliant on my available disposable funds, especially when there is not much funding available for conference attendance. For many years I have paid for it myself until only recently.

But this year has been tremendous and I hope the energy that has gone into online seminars continues once the pandemic is over.

Here is a list of some the seminars I have participated in or attended since September this year.

    The seminars highlight the important work that is being done on multiple levels and by people in all sectors of the community.

    One of the highlights was learning about local manufacturer, AMSL Aero, and their latest Australian manufacturing venture into the electric air taxi industry with the Vertiia eVTOL aircraft

    It is impossible to keep up with everything, but attending so many seminars would have been impossible if I had to attend them all in person.

    My only hope is that the online seminars/webinars will continue on, or at least in hybrid modes, from now on.

    It is surprising how much online skills have increased in a very short time, and while I still wish to travel and attend overseas conferences, there is much to be said for the efficiency of attending conferences from my own home office!