Converse Comfort: Old, New, No Hassel

Virtual Scuff on Converse, Gunning NSW 8 April 2020

The 'virtual scuff' - isolation has created new ways of expressing envy, it seems.

Can I help it I look this cool when wearing Converse?

Desi on the catwalk in country flannelette and denim

I've had numerous pairs of Chuck Taylor Hi-Top Converse, but always in black. My Converse have met some awesome people.

Converse with the Hoff, Berlin, November 2019

I've learnt a lot from my Converse. My Converse taught me how to greet people while social distancing.

The Hoffshake

I try not to Hassel the Hoff but my Converse keep leading me to him.

Don't Hassel the Hoff, Berlin November 2020

Sometimes I need a little more than just my Converse for support. I recently turned to the catwalk for assistance with my home office WHS compliance.

Desi, WHS consultant, Keswick, March 2020

My old Converse started to get really comfortable in Germany. They enjoy the life of the mind.

Hannah Arendt Street, Berlin, November 2020.

When one's Converse start to feel really comfortable, however, they are on their last legs.

Converse@Keswick, March 2020

When Converse get old, they feel too comfortable.

Lenny@Keswick, March 2020.

So now I have new Converse.

New Converse at Keswick, Day 1 (today).

They are comfortable in a different way.

Valentine@Keswick, April 2020.

Alas, a virtual scuff from envy. But new Converse bring the perfect mix of glamour and grunge.

Desi@Keswick, March 2020.