Latest Gunning Weather: Keswick IGUNNING4 Weather Station Now Live!

My Weather Station IGUNNING4 at Keswick, Gunning, atop the brick dunny (built in 1926 by the Caldwell Brothers)

My latest gadget is a wireless weather station. I have installed it atop the old brick dunny in the backyard (which now functions as part of the chook pen).

It may be an old man thing to be interested in the weather, but there is something that happens as one ages: the phases of the moon, the speed of the wind, the rainfall, all these things seem to matter more as one ages.

I don't think I ever consciously thought about the weather until I was in my 40s. Now I check the weather regularly to decide on how to dress and whether or not to take an umbrella. 

The setup for my weather station is simple but practical. It is a Digitech IC0348 Touch Screen Wireless Weather Station with USB PC Connection from Instrument Choice. I used the recommended software "Easyweather" and joined Weather Underground to share my weather station's information.

The latest weather information for Gunning is now available from my weather station via Weather Underground.