A Short Adventure on a Fast Literary Journey

"He looked like Walter Abel". Photo Wikimedia, Public Domain.

Prefiguration of Lalo CuraPrefiguration of Lalo Cura by Roberto Bolaño

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I discovered this short story on the podcast The Joy of Serious Literature. It is not something I would usually read. But that is the point of listening to literary critics. To discover new things. 

But here, I have heard the commentary before I have read the piece. I usually prefer not to do this as it directs my thinking as I read. Like reading the novel after you have seen the movie. One keeps expecting the original to live up to the fidelity of critique. It doesn't make sense. 

Nevertheless, if I would never have read something otherwise, does it matter? I think the answer is no; literature provides life lessons we otherwise wouldn't or shouldn't want to, or couldn't, learn in real life without great harm. 

And that is what I have learnt from this experience, and continuing to do so can only add to my appreciation of literature and my exposure to different forms and cultures. Otherwise, I would never leave the harbour of my comfort zone. Ships are meant to be sailed. Comfort zones are meant to shelter one while resting between adventures. 

And there it is: a new adventure in literature from unexpected journeys. Surely this is an important way to learn. Why have I not discussed the short story? Read it. I have nothing more to say about such things.

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