The Enervation of Innovation: or, You cannot order people to be innovative

The Enervation of Innovation. By Michael de Percy (years ago)

Innovation is something dear to my heart but during the TQM days of the 1990s, "innovative and imaginative" were words that regularly featured on my "buzzword bingo" card at meetings. It was back on the agenda again recently along with "agile".

The idea of floating countries, known as seasteading, appeared in an ABC News article back in March. It made me think of a cartoon I drew (rather poorly) after yet another game of buzzword bingo.

Seasteading and the idea of starting all over again suggests all sorts of possibilities. But it would probably take us back to the beginning. Amor fati I say.

To the tune of CCR's Lodi:

If I only had a dollar, for every innovation I bled some, 
Every time I've had to work, while buzzword generators went home,
Got all excited about something new, only to suffer the pain,
Oh Lord, my innovation's been thwarted again"...