Podcast Trial


This is my first podcast. It is only for testing the systems I am trying to use. I thought this would be easy but maybe not! I am still having troubles with linking my RSS to Stitcher. It works fine on Soundcloud. I am having all sorts of issues.

Lenny is at the Crookwell Veterinary Hospital tonight
First, my microphone is great. But I cannot listen while I record because the latency is so bad, I keep slowing my voice down to compensate and it's not a good look. I need to solve this. Today's podcast was recorded without me being able to hear myself. I felt like I was on The King's Speech and Geoffrey Rush was treating me.

Next, Stitcher doesn't like my RSS feed from my blog. I use the Google Blogger platform but linked via my ISP to my domain name. It works for everything except Stitcher, which is my preferred podcast platform. I am waiting for their support area to get back to me.

Once I am up and running, I hope to interview people on a regular basis. And my cat, Lenny, is spending the night at the Crookwell Veterinary Hospital and I miss him.