Book Notes: "Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning" by Viktor Frankl

Man's Search for Ultimate MeaningMan's Search for Ultimate Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

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I have only ever skirted around the fringes of psychology with Lewin, Maslow, Kotter et al., so reading Frankl required some frequent mini-research projects to catch up. Much food for thought, but I thought I was reading Man's Search for Meaning, but this is an updated work that combines a few of his other works. The concept of "existential vacuum" resonates, especially in the context of modern times. If humans are no longer driven by instincts or traditions, we no longer know what we must do or should do. This means humans do not even know what they wish to do. In concluding, Frankl offers his definition of religion, "paralleling" Einstein's and Wittgenstein's. This was very useful, but I find myself in Wittgenstein's camp, and so down the well I go.

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