Step 5: Sharing my Web 2.0 Teaching Tools

This week all the hard work paid off when my ESL students were writing, learning new concepts, discovering new technologies, reading the news and even talking in the classroom. I trialled a wiki learning activity where students (in groups of two) answer a series of questions on the concept of globalisation. Students can copy and paste anything from the Net in order to answer the questions - no references necessary. I am sick of the blank faces in tutorial discussions so I thought this approach would work in the computer lab. As it turned out, every student was able to explain the globalisation in a variety of ways - they learnt more in one hour then they would have in a full week.

This morning I present my workshop on Assessment 2.0: Blogs, Wikis and Media Sharing to staff at UC. You can see the three main components of the web ‘architecture’ based on Google Blogger, Google Sites, and UC Space. I had originally intended to use Wikispaces but since there is no way to prevent this from being publicly viewable, I decided to use UC Space, UC’s Confluence-based Enterprise Wiki instead. The UC Space site linked here *should* be viewable by the public.

The Blogger Template has been endorsed by the branding people so that is a great start. I have finally completed an assessment rubric for the media sharing assignment.

But my favourite is THE WEIGHBRICATOR - my rubric calculator which enables you to individually weight up to five criteria. Now I have the format established, I will be using rubrics for most of my assessment items.

The next tool I intend to develop is a rubric template in MS Excel with the calculations underneath each cell. But I need to work out how to convert the rubric into html so I can integrate it with the LMS. SpreadsheetConverter did a good job with the trial version, so maybe this is worth the cost.

This morning’s workshop starts at 9:30am. I will collect feedback from the session and make this available on the weekend.