Step 3: Assessment Items

How do you replace an essay plan (worth 10%) and an essay (1500 words, worth 40%) with blogs and media sharing?

I have decided on this:

1. Media Sharing Activity:

Due by 9am Monday in the following Weeks:

    Sharing Topic 1 = Week 3
    Sharing Topic 2 = Week 4
    Sharing Topic 3 = Week 5
    Sharing Topic 4 = Week 6
    Sharing Topic 5 = Week 7
    You must comment on two other media article posts per week using the 'comments' function

Details: Each week, share at least one media article, using the AddThis application provided in Firefox Portable, and add the article to the blog with some of your own commentary of at least 80 words on the following topics:

    Topic 1: Industry Policy
    Topic 2: Competition Regulation
    Topic 3: Industry Regulation
    Topic 4: Assistance to Business from Government
    Topic 5: Trade Policy

2. Blogging Activity:

Due by 9am Monday in Weeks:

    Blog Question 1 = Week 9
    Blog Question 2 = Week 10
    Blog Question 3 = Week 11
    Blog Question 4 = Week 12
    Blog Question 5 = Week 13
    You must critique two other posts per week using the 'comments' function

Blog Questions:

  • Why did many governments believe there was no alternative to opening domestic economies to global competition? Use examples to support your argument.
  • Is Australian society elitist, corporatist or pluralist? Use examples to support your argument.
  • Should governments support industries which are not internationally competitive? Why or why not? Use examples to support your argument.
  • How much influence does the OECD have on Australian industry policy? Use examples to support your arguments.
  • Are corporations able to respond to society's needs faster than governments? Why? Provide examples to support your argument.

Click here to view the file I am using for today’s lecture. Please note that this is only one part of the lecture which will include research skills, using the library databases and various demonstrations.

I am not posting the recorded lectures outside of the LMS just yet, as I need to work through the copyright issues. I need to ensure my lectures do not breach the provisions of the new Flexible Fair Dealing section 200AB of the Copyright Act 1968 before I make this next move during the Winter Term.