What does it mean to be a Lecturer 2.0?

As society moves from the bad old days of the “closed, formal, and protected” educational institution to the “open, inclusive, and shared” educational revolution, there are numerous challenges which will only be addressed by those brave enough to enter uncharted territory.

Lecturers in Australia face a very different environment to their US counterparts, many of whom have been Lecturer 2.0s for some time. Significantly, issues of copyright, duty of care for students, availability and access to higher bandwidth, and a culture which is particularly awkward with higher technologies in traditional institutions, Australian lecturers have many issues to work through.

So I will attempt to be frank and open about my experiences in an effort to become a Lecturer 2.0. While this blog may be predominantly cathartic, I hope that it provides some value for others who attempt to navigate through the big picture and the small picture in an institutional environment which is yet to provide a network of lighthouses.