Evolving community networks - the local level

I suspect there are a great deal of similarities between creating an e-learning commons and creating a community discussion forum. The differences between creating an e-learning and a community-based commons, however, are considerable. E-learning commons tend to involve a captive audience, whereas a community commons requires something more.

I must say that I blog because I like it. It helps me develop my thoughts in the quasi-public sphere. One of my favourite quotes explains the principle:
'[My blog is written] by myself and for myself - an author and audience of one' (Rolf Potts 'Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel' 2002).
Nevertheless, a lone voice is hardly the same as a community commons. Recently, I stumbled upon a local community commons which I find to be quite useful: Check it out here.

Anyway, enough procrastinating, the history of the Canadian television industry awaits!


Valeri said…
Thank you Michael,

You've made my week, I hope you continue to find Typeboard useful.
Estelle said…
I have also been enjoying Typeboard. I do think perhaps the posts could use more of an 'angle' or an 'edge' to stimulate discussion, but it is a nice little forum and it is nice to see how responsive Valeri is to feedback and suggestions from the TB community.

It was good of you to share this on your blog, madepercy!