Essay Notes

This page records the essays I read and the reviews I write in order of reviewing. The reviews are written as blog articles under the label "Essay Notes". The author name links to the document as stored in my account, and the article title provides a link to the review on this blog. I am aiming to replicate my Goodreads profile, but for my academic essay readings. Under each year, I will write my target number of journal article reviews. These will not be reviews in the typical sense, but to capture the key points I glean from each article, as it relates to my particular interest at a particular point in time. While I am usually a stickler for convention in referencing, I intend to number the references in order of reviewing, first to keep track of the chronology, and second to enable a ready account of the number of reviews. Within the reviews, I may add citations to aid in the efficient copying and pasting of key quotes into other work. I intend that any critiques will be to aid my own research and understanding, rather than to critique the authors represented, and in keeping with my purpose for this blog, which I have written about in relation to my teaching, research, and self-development.


My annual goal: 52 journal article (essay) reviews

  1. Merriam, C.E. (1933). Government and Business. The Journal of Business of the University of Chicago, 6(3): 181:190.
  2. Simon, H. A. (1987). Charles E. Merriam and the ‘Chicago School’ of political science. The Edmund Janes James Lecture, delivered by Herbert A. Simon, 10 October 1985. Urbana, Ill: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Political Science.
  3. Almond, G. A. & Genco, S. J. (1977). Clouds, Clocks, and the Study of Politics. World Politics, 29(4), 489–522.

Other essays:

  1. Salmon, P. (2017). Derrida vs. the rationalists. New Humanist, 30 January.
  2. Green, M. (2016). Solitary Refinement. The Idler, Aug-Sep-Oct, 50th Issue, pp. 57-63.
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  4. Jemstedt, A. (2017). Winnicott on creativity and living creatively. OUP Blog, 23 March.
  5. Case, A. (2014). You are your life, and nothing else. New Philosopher, 6th January.
  6. Nicholls, R. (1999). On This Day: Obituary: Iris Murdoch, Novelist and Philosopher, Is Dead. The New York Times, 9 February.
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